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Spend less time on marketing and more time making jewelry with the GemLightbox!

GemLightbox is a revolutionary lightbox made for jewelry. It allows any jeweler with a smartphone to capture studio-quality images and videos using the GemLightbox App.

The GemLightbox environment delivers beautiful images with three LED lighting options designed just for jewelry photography. “Regular” is the versatile default lighting option. “Sparkles” provides the perfect lighting for photographing faceted stones and opals. “Daylight” is the ideal lighting for photographing most types of jewelry as well as hand photography. Two shooting angles (through either the front opening or the overhead opening) let you capture multiple perspectives without repositioning your piece.

There are 2 optional turntable options for the GemLightbox, start with none, one, or both turntables which allow you to capture 360 videos in one click.

  • Main lightbox with three LED lighting options and a magnetic reflector plate.
  • Photography table and necklace/earring stand that holds jewelry at an optimal angle and reflects the GemLightbox light perfectly for a sharp image on a pure white background.
  • Adjustable smartphone holder for stable positioning during shooting.
  • Basic solar-powered, clear turntable with simple on/off switch for capturing videos and multiple still angles.
  • Power adapter with four international plugs, so you can choose the correct one for your location.